The Rules (Simplified)

Click here for the full rules for research team seeking a Cure Prize

The Cure Prize’s awards are straightforward. Unlike all other prizes, The Cure Prizes are given out based only on how effective a cure is, according an FDA or EMA review of the cure that is developed. Prizes are awarded directly to the researchers who are working on curing diseases, directly encouraging innovative thinking. If a discovery cures 75% of patients where there once was no hope, the researchers who developed the cure will get 75% of the prize. If they created a vaccine that will someday reduce disease cases to 0, they will get a portion of the award until the disease is eliminated. The Prize is that upfront. The simplicity of the Prize gives a clear directive: find the cures for terminal and debilitating illnesses. If you want to check through the detailed rule book for how prizes are distributed, you can see them here. The Cure Prize’s board is constantly working to refine these rules fit The Cure Prize’s mission. Because of the clarity of the rules and their pinpoint focus, they send a clear notice to those who are working to cure devastating ailments:

Put the extra night in. Change your thesis. Refocus your specialty.

Win, and end these diseases.