The Reason for The Cure Prize

No one should have to experience the hopelessness of an incurable disease. Joan Neary, my Nani, was an indescribable person. She was a grandmother who cared deeply about those around her, the centerpiece of a family that loved her very much, and, at 74, still rode her Harley Davidson.  When we heard the diagnosis of ALS a few months before her 75th birthday my family was in disbelief. Every alternative medication was  desperately tried to no avail.  Less  than a year  after diagnosis , Nani lost her battle. This website is set up in her memory, and for all the others who are and will be battling  incurable diseases in the future. As I did and still believe, that with ingenuity and human determination cures can and will be found. This website stands as a placeholder for those cures that will one day exist. It is a call to researchers to double your efforts, to put the standard way of doing things behind you, because there are millions of people out there who are waiting for the day when they will have a cure also. This prize is a token of our appreciation.


In Memory of Joan Neary